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Little Earth Project X Prints By Amy Elizabeth - Hanseatic Box

Little Earth Project X Prints By Amy Elizabeth - Hanseatic Box

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Little Earth Project X Prints By Amy Elizabeth

In collaboration with talented local linocut artist, Amy Silburn-Slater (@printsbyamyelizabeth), we bring you a case of 5x750ml and 1x375ml bottles of VERY special Little Earth Project beers, plus an exclusive linocut print “Hanseatic Porter” & 1x new LEP stemless Mencia glass!

What the box includes:

1 x Hanseatic Porter MKI (750ml) 10% - Brewed on 26/11/2015, this is the third gyle ever produced by LEP. A mix of malt, including lager, munich, chocolate, smoked and black, as well as oats. This big beer was inspired by the strong dark porters brewed from late 1700s and shipped from Britain to the Baltic Hanseatic Ports. One of only 50 x 750ml bottles re-released 7 years after it was brewed.

1 x Hanseatic Porter MKII (750ml) 10.3% - Brewed on 15/11/2019, this is the second iteration of one of the first beers LEP ever brewed.
Inspired by the strong dark porters brewed in the late 1700s and shipped from Britain to the Baltic Hanseatic Ports, it was bottled in November 2020 and has been left to develop further in bottle for 2 years. Dark fruit flavours mix with a lightly smoked malty base with touches of plum, balsamic & a molasses sweetness.

1 x Stupid Sexy Reserve (750ml) 6% - This single barrel, from a batch which has been blended into our most recent fourth blend, was brewed in November 2018. Resting in oak for 26 months, it was then bottled in January 2021 & has been maturing ever since. Expect the flavours you love from a Flanders Red - deep cherries, balsamic, oak & tannins. This is one to share over a plate of strong cheeses or a rich chocolatey dessert.

1 x It’s Life, Jim MKII (750ml) 15.2% - The second release of our beloved barleywine, but not as you know it. 100% pale organic malt. 24 hour boil. Organic British hops. Brewed in October 2020 and aged in a 400L butt for 17 months along with our mixed culture before packaging in early 2022. The colour is now a deep amber, due to the long boil and caramelisation of the malt, which brings sweetness, and therefore increases the ABV once the wild yeasts are added. Dark fruits, dates, and raisins come through on the finish.

1 x Elderberry & Mulberry Sour (375ml) 5.9% - Just down the road, in the village of Groton, is a mulberry tree believed to have been planted around 1550 by the grandfather of John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts. As it's a tree of local historical value and there is only one, we are careful to not take too much and leave some for others to enjoy. Elderberries, on the other hand, grow much more abundantly in the hedgerows.
The fruit was added directly to barrel in August 2021 to a 18 month old golden sour brewed in February 2020. It was packaged in late 2021 and has been resting in bottles ever since. Expect a tart sour bursting with fresh berry and tannin.

1 x Lino Print (Hanseatic Porter) - Inspired by walks in the rugged landscape of her Suffolk home, Amy’s prints delve into folklore, the seasons and British flora and fauna with a unique style that draws on medieval illustrations, pub signs and stained glass. A lover of all things beer, her prints and LEP’s wild, untamed style couldn’t be better suited.
We came to Amy with the idea some time ago about designing a label for us for our Hanseatic Porter and she jumped at the chance! The print, detailing a bustling Hanseatic port of years gone by perfectly encapsulates the style we were looking for and we’re excited to be able to offer 1 of only 50 limited prints in our box!

1 x LEP Glass - A single stemless Little Earth Project glass with black logo. Lined for ⅓, ½ & ⅔ pours.
LIMITED TO 50 CASES as there are only 50 prints & 50 x 750ml bottles of Hanseatic Porter MKI.
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